Brieana Brasiel

Feb 15, 2021

1 min read

The Cycle of Procrastination

I struggle a lot with procrastination. I have anxiety, so I tend to have a lot going on in my head. I really liked Tim Urban's Ted Talk, “Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator.” While the Ted Talk was humorous and relatable, what he said at the end was actually terrifying. He said that there were two types of procrastination, one with deadlines and one without deadlines. Right now, my procrastination is with schoolwork or chores that I always get done. What if I get too comfortable with my procrastination that it affects my dreams and goals?

It scared me because I don’t want to fall into a hole of unmotivation to reach my goals. He said something along the lines of ,“It’s not that you couldn’t achieve your dreams, it’s that you never even started to chase them.” That really opened my eyes and made me want to start working on procrastinating less. All of my goals for my future take ambition and motivation. I usually rush my goals, and I know my family will always push me.

My procrastination is mostly with my schoolwork. I really want to improve this next year. I will start planning ahead better and spending less time on my phone or on video games. The thing is, I procrastinate but I always get it done. So, I think I have gotten comfortable in that zone and I don’t want to be.